New Insight Industry Web Site Released

After several years of providing strategic advisory services to clients in the analytics, research, technology, and media/advertising industries, Insight Industry is proud to announce the launch of its new web site at

The web site is designed to provide significant value for anyone asking important questions about developing, managing, and marketing insights in today’s marketplace. Every several weeks, Insight Industry will be publishing a long-form essay written by our principal consultant, Chris Modzelewski, about some facet of the analytical world. These essays may explore questions of product strategy, go-to-market tactics, research methodology, data science techniques, or the latest M&A news in the field.

“Over the years, we’ve provided a great deal of insight to our clients in the market research, technology, and analytics industries,” said Chris Modzelewski, President of Insight Industry. “With our new web site, we hope to share some of those insights with a broader audience, and kickstart discussion about what it means to be competitive in the insights industry.”

Our inaugural essay, due for publication on Monday, March 7, 2016, will discuss product portfolio strategy, and the choices between an offensive or defensive strategy in today’s competitive environment. We hope you’ll join in the discussion, either here on the site or in our LinkedIn Company Page.

In addition to these in-depth articles, the web site features a comprehensive database of resources that can help professionals in the analytical world. Our curated list of resources includes:

Industry Association

Industry Associations

A comprehensive list of industry associations from around the globe serving the research, BI, analytics, data science, marketing, and advertising industries. Learn More

Trade Press

Trade Press

Insight Industry isn’t the only place where you’ll find interesting analysis of the research, BI, analytics, and data science industries. Learn More



There are a number of recruiters who specialize in the insight industry, or who have particularly strong practices serving the field. Learn More

You can also look forward to video features discussing Insight Industry’s methodology and client case studies. We hope that you join the conversation!

About Insight Industry

Insight Industry Inc. provides strategic advisory services to clients in the analytics, technology, market research, and media/advertising industries to help them better build, market, or leverage the latest analytical techniques. The company is founded and led by a 16-year veteran of the media research and technology industries, Chris Modzelewski, who has built global leaders in the media, market research, and technology industries.