Our Principal

Our principal, Chris Modzelewski, brings over twenty three years of experience in the field, having built the world’s second-largest web audience measurement company (Gemius S.A.) into the digital advertising currency across sixteen countries before selling his majority stake to a private equity fund.

Since then, he has been heavily involved in software development, BI, social media analytics, mobile audience measurement, market mix modeling, and M&A inside and outside of the ad tech, data, and market reserach industries.

Chris Modzelewski

Throughout his career, he has developed cutting-edge product, technology, methodology, analytics, operational, and sales teams to build, market, and support thousands of clients. Products, services, and companies he has worked on have been cited in The Economist, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, VentureBeat, and any more general interest and industry publications.

With an ability to inspire an audience and to distill complex business, research, or technology concepts into straight-forward language, Chris has either chaired or presented at Internet, technology, and market research events around the world.