Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you’re looking to extend your territory, product scope, technology portfolio, or client base, there are times when mergers & acquisition are the right step for your business. In the insight industry, this is a particularly complicated prospect, as both buyers and sellers need to take into account culture, technological fit, client risk, contractual implications, and ever-present financial impact. The Insight Industry Mergers & Acquisition practice is designed to facilitate these complex transactions, letting both parties focus on what really matters.

M&A: Buy-side Practice

When working for the buyer in an M&A transaction, Insight Industry is able to leverage its industry knowledge and network to identify likely prospects, analyze their strategic and cultural fit, and broker initial discussions. Once due diligence is underway, Insight Industry coordinates the coordination of information analysis working with the buyer’s and seller’s legal, finance, HR, product, technology, and operations teams as necessary. Our role at that point becomes one of advisor and presenter to both parties, explaining the acquisition target’s reality to the buyer and highlighting factors that the buyer needs to pay particular attention to when valuing and integrating the target.

M&A: Sell-side Practice

Selling your business is a difficult, emotional, and complex undertaking. Chris Modzelewski, president of Insight Industry, has been there several times. That’s why when Insight Industry represents the seller in a transaction, we focus on the seller’s priorities – whether that’s maintaining continuity and legacy, or maximizing value at sale. Though the process is unique to every engagement, Insight Industry serves as the independent coordinator of the M&A process: Identifying likely buyers, preparing deal memorandums, fostering initial interest and pitching the deal, and working with your legal, finance, product, and sales teams to support the due diligence process.

If you would like Insight Industry to help you either acquire or sell a business in the Insight Industry, please Contact Us.