Methodology & Analytics

Insight Industry brings over twenty three years of cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative research design experience gained in over twenty countries. This provides a unique set of skills and experiences to draw on when designing new research studies, or when coordinating an analytical team’s approach to complex data.

How you approach collecting and analyzing your data fundamentally affects its value for your clients. Maximizing the value of your Methodology & Analytics cost-effectively is the key to sustainable profitability.

Whether designing a new long-term syndicated study, a customer segmentation study, a new market mix model, or a qualitative user-testing session, Insight Industry can help you design the approach that will yield accurate and actionable results. When it comes time to analyze the data you collect, Insight Industry can help you organize your analytics team’s processes, select the right modeling approach, unify data from disparate countries, and implement it all using the latest big data technologies, including Hadoop, R, and others.

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